Solar Sliding Gate Opener kit installed

This a great example of what our Solar Sliding Gate Opener Kit looks like when it is installed. As you can see, the solar panel has been placed away from the gate for better sun exposure and aesthetics with this installation. This automatic gate opener motor is commercial grade with a high weather proof rating of IP57 which has minor flood resistance and will operate in half a bucket of water. This electric gate opener runs on a 24 volt system for more power, speed and reliability. The gate opener speed is 13 meters per minute. On our sliding gate and double swing gate automation features a pedestrian access feature on the remote. For the sliding gate opener kits, this will open the gate 30% which is adjustable on the circuit board. The sliding gate automation also has a manual release feature which is key operated. Like all of our solar products, this electric gate opener is completely stand alone, requiring no 240 volt supply to operate. Like all of our kits, we have Australia wide shipping and available to buy online.

A big thank you to our customer for their business and support!