Solar Double Swing Gate Opener Kit Installed

Featured in this installation is our medium double swing Solar Electric Gate Opener kit set to an outward swing configuration. This electric gate opener is our 1.0m-2.5m double swing kit as seen on the shop tab of the website. This gate automation features our unique twist style manual release system as seen in the video on the home page of the website. This is a great example of how the top hat track can be utilized in taking the wire across the driveway without invasive cutting. The solar panel for the automatic gate opener is placed approx. 30 meters away from the gate for better sun exposure and security. This gate opener can be configured to swing the gates inward or out which is solely dependent on the set geometry. Like all of our solar products, this electric gate is completely stand alone requiring no 240 volt connection to operate, complete with back up batteries for periods with reduced sunlight!

A big thank you to our customer for their support and business in this installation.