Solar Powered Electric Gate Openers

  1. The business of Solar Powered Electric Gate Openers in this document shall be referred to as SPEGO.

  2. The customer to whom the product has been sold to by Solar Powered Electric Gate Opener shall be referred to in this document as the customer/owner.

  3. The product that has been sold to the customer by Solar Powered Electric Gate Openers is defined and referred to in this document as item(s) or product(s).

Warranty Policy

  1. The gate opener, gate opener accessories and pumps have a 12 month warranty from date of purchase for factory faults. This does not cover, but not limited to, non-factory damage, misuse, attaching opener to gates or objects outside of specified specs, insects and animals interference, corrosion/rust, water inside control box, incorrect installation as defined in the installation manual. All products are tested and marked before final sale and dispatch.

  1. Gate opener is not designed as a security system.

  1. Any modification to the system whether being physical or electrical voids warranty. This includes but not limited to the addition and/or connection of non genuine, third party/aftermarket/foreign parts, accessories, electrical components, other brand products, etc. ie. Parts or equipment not sold by us. eg. Other brands of gate openers accessories and parts, etc.

  1. Forcing the gate open can cause damage to the hardware that is not covered under warranty. It is a warranty condition that all swing gate openers have a physical gate stop in the closed position.

  1. Items to be claimed under warranty are to be shipped back to Solar Powered Electric Gate Openers to an address provided by SPEGO upon contact at owners expense for assessment.

  2. If the item is deemed as faulty and meets the warranty requirements as a factory fault, the item will be repaired or replaced and returned to the customer/owner at Solar Powered Electric Gate Openers expense.

  1. If the item is not deemed as faulty, is tested as serviceable, was damaged by the customer and/or met one of the criteria in section 1 as not covered, the item to be returned to the owners/customers is at the owners/customers expense if the customer/owner requires it returned. In this situation, an assessment fee for the time and materials used for testing may apply.

  2. Any Modification being physical or electrical to any of SPEGO products voids warranty. The use of non genuine products or any equipment not purchased through SPEGO for use with products purchased through SPEGO voids warranty.

  3. Warranty is valid within Australia only. Warranty is not transferable through external sale and remains with the original purchaser.

Returns and Refund Policy

  1. All returns for refunds are to be sent to Solar Powered Electric Gate Openers at North Lakes Queensland 4509 (or alternate address provided by SPEGO) at customer/owner expense for assessment before refund can be granted. Contact us for address.

  1. Returns and refunds terms are within 30 days from purchase date. The returning item must arrive at SPEGO within the 30 day period or at the discretion of SPEGO.

  1. Refunds on the item returned will be granted provided they meet all of the following criteria

  • Items must be in their original packaging

  • Items must be in a like new condition, free from damage or alteration

  • Items must be serviceable and in working condition

Items returned will be subject to inspection by SPEGO to ensure the above criteria is met.

  1. Provided the criteria layed out in section 3 is met, refunds will be granted less a 25% restocking charge on the original purchase value of the returned item and any shipping charge incurred in the shipment from SPEGO to the customer/owner.

  2. If the criteria in section 3 is NOT met, refunds are at the discretion of SPEGO based on but not limited to serivcabilty, quality and age. SPEGO reserves the right not to refund if section 3 is NOT met.

  3. Refunds require up to 7 business days to be processed from the date the refund is granted. The refund method is at the discretion of SPEGO.

Shipping Terms

  1. Free Shipping is valid within Australia only. Most delivery addresses are covered under this promotion, but there are certain remote and off shore areas designated by our shipping agent which will require a surcharge to be delivered to these locations before the order is dispatched. If you think you are in a remote area or unsure, please contact us and we will assist you in any way we can. Examples of these locations are: any off shore islands, rural/remote WA/QLD/NSW, any NT location outside of Darwin, Cape York, etc.

  2. At such times where a signature is required for delivery and an authorised person is not present, the consignment will be taken back to the nearest depot to await collection.

  3. One delivery and/or attempted delivery is allowed per shipment. If a redelivery service is available, a surcharge will apply to any consignment per each redelivery attempt. The surcharge amount is subject to the carriers fees and conditions.

  4. For goods requiring a signature on delivery, on receipt of the goods, please inspect for damage before you sign for it. If there is damage with the product, please inform the courier and sign for it as DAMAGED. Do not instruct for the item(s) to be returned to sender. Damage claims need to be processed within 24 hours of delivery. Otherwise when you sign for the delivery, you agree that the goods have arrived in good order.

  5. If authorising the goods to be left without signature on delivery, you give permission to leave your item unattended, you absolve the courier of all responsibility to obtain a signature as Proof of Delivery. You are also confirming that the delivery location is a safe and suitable place to leave your item. Damage claims need to be processed within 24 hours of delivery.