Frequently Asked Questions

How much do the Gate Opener Systems cost?

The price depends on which system is best suitable on the size and type of gate you have. If you aren’t sure which one to get or would like some advice based on our experience, please use the ‘contact us’ option at the bottom or top of the page to get in contact with us so we can assist you to the best of our abilities for your gate.

What is the difference between the standard duty and the heavy duty gate opener kits?

Standard Duty – High geared gate opener for fast operation averaging at a 7-12 second cycle time. Perfect for convenience and open style gates (standard duty is not suitable for enclosed style gates). Features the twist style manual release system. This gate opener is featured in the home page product demonstration video.

Heavy Duty – Low geared, larger thread gate opener for increased power and hold factor when closed. Cycle time averages at 15-18 seconds and features a ‘lift off’ style of manual release. A more powerful and robust gate opener ram than the standard duty.

How long do the batteries last until replacement is due?

This depends largely on the sort of life the battery is exposed. ie. if the batteries are discharged a lot, are in harsh climate conditions, etc. Typically they have an average lifespan of 2-4 years based on average use and are well looked after.

What sort of gate do the automatic gate openers fit?

We have systems that fit on a single or double leaf swing gate up to 4.2 meters with a max weight of 350kgs. The smallest is 0.8m per leaf.
We also stock sliding gate kits working on gates that are from 1 meter up to 20 meters long with a max weight of 800 kgs.
If you have an enclosed type swing gate that will catch the wind, please contact us to recommend the best system for the job.

Do you offer installation?

We offer an installation service to our customers within a reasonable range of our workshop based in North Lakes, QLD. Please contact us for quote.

What is the warranty for your products?

We offer a 12 month limited warranty for all products listed on this website. Please click the link below to open a page to our policies section containing the warranty information.

Can I have more than the 2 remotes that are supplied the gate opener system?

Yes. The system can store up to 50 remotes for your usage. We stock extra remotes that are available for purchase from the online shop or the link below.

Extra Remotes

What if I have visitors? How do they get in if they don't have a remote?

There are multiple ways to gain access. Here are some examples :

  • You can fit a push button system so people just have to push the button for the system to open the gates
  • For extra security, the system can be fitted with a keypad with either a number code and/or swipe card to gain entry We stock these keypads designed for the system.
  • You can use the manual release that’s included to disengage the system and use the gate as normal

Please check our Gate Opener Accessories page for the most up to date accessory options available. Please click the link below to be taken directly to this page.

Gate Opener Accessories


Where in Australia do you ship your products?

We ship all of our products Australia wide.
The Free Shipping promotion is valid within Australia only, however certain designated remote and off shore areas will incur a surcharge before order is complete due to their sheer location as per our shipping agents requirements. If you think you are in a remote area or would like to find out, please feel free to use the contact us tab at the bottom of the page and we will assist you in any way we can.
International Shipping is available. Please contact us for a quote.

If there is no sun, will the gate opener system work?

Yes, based on average usage, the system will continue to operate up to 3 days without the sun.

How much sun do I need for the gate opener system?

The Gate Opener System will require a minimum of 4-6 hours of unobstructed sunlight on the solar panel per day to keep the internal batteries charged.

How far from the gate can the solar panel be mounted?

The solar panel can be mounted up to 50 meters away (cable distance) from the control box.

If there is no sun, will the gate opener system work?

Yes, based on average usage, the system will continue to operate up to 3 days without the sun.

Are the products tested for quality before dispatch?

Yes. Each unit is tested before it leaves the factory and a second test is performed before it leaves our workshop to ensure everything is in working order.

Do you need power from the grid to make the gate opener system work?

No. The gate opener system is a complete solar powered stand alone unit. We do stock models that operate on 240v as well.

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