It’s that time of year again, end of the financial year! And with that comes a sale! All electric gate opener accessories reduced! Every accessory with the purchase of an electric gate opener has free shipping in that order. Save up to 20% on all accessory options for your automatic gate opener!

Solar Powered Whirlybirds on sale! Get ready for summer with a fan forced whirlybird for your house. Each whirly bird is up to 11 times more efficient than a standard whirly bird! Each solar whirlybird is fully DIY featuring a quiet brushless motor, thermostat controlled, stand alone solar powered unit with a 170 kph wind rating! Each Solar whirlybird has free shipping in Australia! Grab yours while its cold and get ready for the hot!

Everything back in stock!

Our latest shipment has arrived packed full of Solar Gate Openers, Solar Pumps, Solar Aerators and more! We now have product coming out of our ears! Have a look through our online shop at the latest Automatic Gate Opener Kits and Solar Pumps for all of your gate and garden needs!

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Solar Powered Whirly Birds Now Available!

Solar Powered Electric Gate Openers is proud to introduce Solar Powered Whirly Birds! These new whirly birds use solar to power a high output brushless electric motor to fan force the heat out of your roof. By using this fan forced method, the solar whirly bird has an air flow of 1150 CFM which is equivalent

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