Solar Gate Opener Single Swing

This installation features our large heavy duty Solar Gate Opener for Single Swing Gates. This automatic gate opener can handle up to 4.2m gates in length. With the low geared drive shaft and motor, this electric gate opener is our top of the line model. The manual release on this gate automation is a little

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Solar Double Swing Gate Opener Kit Installed

This installation that we have provided features our medium heavy duty double swing automatic gate opener kit that is completely solar powered. Our customer elected to go with the heavy duty solar gate opener over the standard duty gate automation for the increased weight that the wood provides on the gate itself. This electric gate

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240 volt Electric Gate Opener Installed

This existing double gates had a broken down gate opener system on it. Don’t worry, it wasn’t one of ours! The customer wanted it replaced with one of our automatic gate opener kits. We opted to go for the large fast double swing electric gate opener kit to get the speed and the swing angle

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