Solar Sliding Gate Opener Kit Installation

This installation features our Solar Sliding Gate Opener Kit with single panel set up. This roller gate opener is capable of pushing gates uphill depending on the weight, incline, and length. The sliding gate in this installation is approx. 5 meters long and weights approx 70 kgs. Nylon track was used with this electric gate opener due to the rise and fall of the terrain when operating. Normally our sliding gate automation uses steel drive rails, but we also stock the nylon rails as well if you require. The limits of this electric gate opener can open a roller gate up to 20 meters long and up to 800 kgs heavy based on a gate on level ground. It also features safety sensors internally in the motor that will reverse the operation if an obstacle is in its way. The solar panel for this solar gate opener was placed 20 meters away for better sun exposure due to trees and better security of the panel. Like all of our Solar Electric Gate Opener products, the system is completely stand alone, requiring no external power to operate.

A big thank you to Northern suburbs fencing for their support in this installation!