Solar Double Swing Electric Gate Opener Kit Installation Heavy Duty

This installation is a perfect example of where our Double Swing Heavy Duty Electric Gate Opener could be used. This installation is our complete package deal. Gates and gate opener automation was designed, supplied and installed by us in one neat package! These gates stand at 2.2m tall by 2.6m wide each side. These were to match the existing pool fence style gates that are on either side of the driveway. Due to the slop of the driveway, the gates have been rigged for an outward swing. Our top of the line heavy duty double swing gate opener kit was installed on this set up for their superior strength and hold factor due to the fact they open outwards. Outward swing gates we always recommend the heavy duty version over the standard since the rams have a shorter grip on the gate. This solar gate automation also features a simple lift off style of manual release system. Like all of our solar gate openers, the system is completely stand alone, not requiring any external power to operate. The system uses back up batteries for reserve power in low light situations ie. poor weather, night use, etc.

A big thank you to our customer Stronger Foundations for their business and support with this installation!