Solar Double Swing Electric Gate Opener Installed Heavy Duty

Featured in this installation is our medium sized Solar Double Swing Electric Gate Opener Kit with heavy duty rams. This is a great example of where the heavy duty gate automation is suitable. These gates are approx 1.6m each side with a steel frame and hardwood pailings making the weight muchg higher than normal. The enclosed design also adds to the requirement of the heavy duty kit. The heavy duty solar gate openers are lower geared giving them more power and hold factor over the standard duty automatic gate opener rams. Since this gate is heavy and enclosed, the heavy duty electric gate openers are a requirement for suitable operation. If your gate is in a windy area, enclosed to catch the wind, heavier than normal, or any other out of the ordinary specifications, we would recommend the heavy duty electric gate opener. Like all of our solar gate openers, the system is completely stand alone requiring now external power source to operate. Simply have the panel in a minimum of 5 hours of sun per day and enjoy!

A big thank you to our customer Dermot for his business and support with this installation!