External battery charger or 240v conversion

$79.95 ex GST

External battery charger or 240v conversion

$79.95 ex GST

Our weatherproof transformer is built for outdoor use and will allow external charging of the batteries with conventional power without the need to remove the batteries! Long, extended periods of no sun? Batteries getting a little tired from excessive use? Plug your gate opener in for a few hours to charge the batteries back to full power!

Or use this accessory to convert your Solar Gate Opener to 240v. Compatible with all of our Gate Opener Systems

Simply wire in the cable to the 24AC slot on your gate opener circuit board and plug in the other side to 240v power to operate! The circuit board will do the charging or 240v conversion for you automatically!

Features :-

  • Charging of solar batteries with conventional 240v power
  • Changes 240v power to safe low voltage of 24v
  • 12 month Warranty
  • Easy DIY
  • Or convert your solar gate opener to conventional 240v power
  • IP68 weatherproof rating

240 VAC – 24VAC transformer. Requires gate opener circuit board to charge batteries.

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Product includes:-

  • Weatherproof transformer
  • Instructions for installation

Additional information

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