Solar Double Swing Gate Opener Kit Installed

Featured in this installation is our Double Swing Solar Gate Opener Kit with large rams. This kit is displayed on the website as the 1.6 – 4.2m Solar Gate Opener Kit. This electric gate opener is simple DIY with complete detailed instructions and a complimentary installation DVD to assist with this process. This gate automation can be mounted on the bottom, middle or top of the gate provided the gate opener has a decent surface to grip onto the gate. On this gate, the large solar gate opener here opens the gates within 7 seconds making them one of the fastest systems available. Along the ground is the top hat track option to house the wires across the concrete driveway. Having the top hat track is a good alternative to invasive cutting for the wires. The gate stop used for this gat is a small angle bracket off centre that makes contact with the top hat track. The gate stop is required in the closed position for all of our solar gate automation kits. Like all of our solar gate openers, this system is stand alone solar requiring no external power supply to operate. If you have sun, you have power.

A big thank you to our customer for their support and business with this installation!