Solar Double Swing Gate Opener Installation

In this installation we have supplied and installed our Double Swing Solar Gate Opener Kit. This kit is displayed on the website as 1.6 – 4.2m Double Swing Gate Opener Kit. This is a great example of how this gate automation kit can be fitted to standard farm gates. Normally these electric gate openers can be fitted on the bottom rail or the top rail of this type of farm gate. Normally the solar gate opener is fitted to the bottom of the gate for cosmetic reasons but can be fitted to the top of the gate as well to keep the rams away from debris from the ground. This electric gate opener is designed to swing gates up to 110 degrees. In this particular installation, the gate opener will open these gates in 8 seconds. This is due to the high gearing and 24 volt motor powering the ram. As long as you have sun, you have power. Our Electric Gate Opener is fully stand alone requiring no external power to operate. This installation also features our top hat track accessory to house the house across the driveway to power both rams. This is especially useful on concrete driveways to save invasive cutting.

A big thank you to our customer for their business and support with this installation!