Solar Gate Opener Installation, Double Swing

In the featured picture is our Solar Gate Opener on Double Swing gates. This installation features our largest, high geared rams. We have also supplied and installed the top hat track across the driveway to house the wires to the opposing ram instead of cutting the bitumen. This top hat track can be supplied by us on request. The large ram features an increased operating speed with the internal high gearing. This automatic gate opener has a cycle time of approx. 7-10 seconds in each direction. All of our double gate opener kits have a remote pedestrian access feature operating one gate and keeping the other leaf shut. The solar panel placement angle is not optimal but acceptable if there is an excess of sun. Like all of our Solar Gate Opener Kits, they are completely stand alone requiring no grid 240 volt connection to operate.

A big thank you to our customer Chris for his business and support in this installation