Double Swing Gate w/ Heavy Duty Solar Gate Opener Package

Featured in this image is our double swing Heavy Duty Solar Gate Opener Kit configured for an outward swing. These automatic gate openers are lower geared and have a higher hold factor when closed and open. They feature a slightly different manual release system requiring the user to lift off the end of the ram from the gate by a small key and spigot. These heavy duty gate openers are perfect for gate when wind is a factor and the user requires a high hold.

The gates and solar gate opener were all designed, supplied and installed by us with our full package deal! We supply all sorts of gates from farm mesh gates, colourbond gates, pool fence style gates, to sliding gates. Each package deal includes a solar gate opener system that is completely stand alone requiring no 240v input to operate. If you need a gate, we can get it done!

A big thank you to our customer Scott for his support and business!