Solar Double Swing Gate Opener Kit Installed

This installation, our customer opted to proceed with the Large Solar Gate Opener Kit for a double swing gate. This automatic gate opener kit is our 1.6-4.2m double swing gate opener kit available to buy online. These rams in this electric gate opener are high geared. Along with the 24 volt current, this gives the rams superior speed for operation. The cycle time averages at just 8 seconds depending on the set up geometry. This gate opener also features the simple twist to unlock manual release system for easy manual operation. A security key is provided to lock the manual release to prevent unauthorized access. This set up is a good example of the track that can be provided for double gates to house the wire across the driveway to avoid cutting the concrete. As with all of our solar products, the automatic gate opener is completely stand alone requiring no 240 volts to operate.

A big thank you to our customer Jeff for his support and business in this installation!