Heavy Duty Solar Single Swing Gate Opener Installed

This gate and solar gate opener was designed, supplied and installed by us with our complete package deal! This outward swing gate has fitted our largest heavy duty automatic gate opener. When it comes to our gate automation, the rams are a universal fit able to swing from the right, left, high, low inward and outward swing. The only determining factor is the set up geometry. The heavy duty rams are low geared enabling them to handle increased weight and a higher hold factor in the closed or open position. If you have sneaky dogs or want a ram that gives you a piece of mind to stay closed, this type of gate opener is for you. The solar panel, as you can see from the pic, can be placed away from the gate to achieve better sun exposure. Like all of our solar automatic gate openers, the system does not require any 240 volt power supply to operate.

A big thank you to our customer Ariane for her business and support with this installation.