Solar Double Swing Gate Opener Kit Installed

Even though these gates are quite small, our customer opted to go with the large high geared rams for better speed. They selected our 1.6-4.2m double swing solar gate opener kit which is shown in the picture. This automatic gate opener has one of the fastest cycle times of gate openers in Australia with times as low as 7 seconds on selected gates. Our solar gate automation is designed to swing gates up to 110 degrees from fully closed and features our unique twist style manual release system. In this set up we opted to place the solar panel on top of a 3.5m pole to increase its sun exposure and better security for the solar panel. This electric gate opener is also fitted with our push button access kit to allow users to access the gate system without a remote. Like all of our solar products, this solar gate opener is completely stand alone requiring no outside power to operate.

A big thank you to our customer for their business and support with this installation!