Heavy Duty Double Swing Solar Gate Opener Installed

This is a perfect example of our heavy duty electric gate opener application. This particular solar gate opener kit is low geared giving it less speed but superior power and hold factor. If you are concerned about someone forcing the gate, an animal rubbing on it or a small child pulling the gate, then the heavy duty option automation would be our recommendation over the standard duty. Although they are not a security device, the heavy duty range features a superior hold factor to help combat outside forces. eg. wind and small children. This range of electric gate openers come in two sizes, medium and large. In this installation features out largest heavy duty solar gate opener due to the length of each gate. As you can see from the pic, the solar panel can be mounted away from the installed gates for better exposure and/or security of the panel. Like all of our solar gate openers, the kit is completely stand alone requiring no outside power source to operate and is completely DIY!

A big thank you to our customer Brent for his support and business for this installation!