Double Swing Solar Gate Opener Kit Installed

Featured in this installation is our largest Solar Electric Gate Opener kit with standard ram set up. This is a great example of how to set up your new gate automation. The gate openers can be mounted on the bottom, middle or top rail of the gate, depending on your set up requirements. The largest kit not only features the longest ram, but will enable your gate to have the maximum swing radius and more suitable for set ups with large diameter posts. As you can see the solar panel can be placed away from the gate for better sun exposure and/or security of the panel. In this case the panel has been mounted on a 3 meters pole for better sun exposure. This electric gate opener is quite straight forward DIY. The electric gate opener comes with a detailed instruction manual and a complimentary installation DVD to assist the user in the installation process. We of course are on the phone for support should you require.

A big thank you to our dealer Fenceworld for their continued business and support in this installation!