Solar Sliding Gate Opener Kit installed on pool fence style gate

Here is our Solar Sliding Gate Opener Kit installed on a pool fence style gate approx. 4 meters long. This installation was kept quite compact with the solar panel and back up battery box installed on the same post. The solar panel can be placed here or away from the gate depending on your security and sun availability. This system requires a minimum of 4 hours of unobstructed sunlight per day to keep the back up batteries charged. Like all of our sliding gate opener kits, we have used the steel drive rails for extra strength and reliability.

On this particular sliding gate, we have installed the limit switch sensor. These sensors allow the user to set exactly where they want the gate to open and close to each operation. This is done via touch-less magnetic limit switches installed on the drive rails at either end.

A big thank you to our customer Jodi for her business and support with this project!