Solar Sliding Gate Opener Kit Installed

Installed is our Solar Sliding Gate Opener kit! This automatic gate opener is of commercial quality and has a high weather proof rating which has minor flood resistance. This Solar Electric Gate Opener can handle gates up to 20 meters long and up to 800 kg in weight. This weight limitation is based on a gate sliding on level ground with roller bearing wheels. Our kits also feature a steel drive rail for increased strength. We also stock nylon drive rails with a steel insert if you prefer this method. The sliding gate opener kit has a rotational based sensor to get the gate in the exact same position every cycle provided the power system is charged. All of our electric gate opener kits have a safety sensor for obstructions. In this kit, if the gate encounters and obstruction, the motor will reverse back to full open and wait for the next command.

A big thank you to our customer for his support and business with this installation!