Solar Sliding Gate Opener Kit Industrial

Solar Powered Electric Gate Openers is proud to show our largest automatic gate opener installation to date. In this picture features our heavy duty solar sliding gate opener kit with the solar upgrade kit! This gate weighs in at around 500kg and 11 meters long, our kits plows through this for automation. Our sliding gate openers are rated for gates up to 800kg and up to 20 meters long. The solar upgrade kit is recommended for high usage electric gates, lower than average sunshine on site or any sliding gate over 6 meters long. The client also wanted a keypad for external access of its employees. This automatic gate opener has also been fitted with an internal transformer. This is a power back up in the event of prolonged poor weather.

This sliding gate opener kit is available for DIY installation and is available for purchase on our website. Please see link below.

Solar Sliding Gate Opener Kit, Heavy Duty