Solar Single Swing Gate Opener Kit Installation

This installation features our Single Swing Solar Gate Opener Kit. This automatic gate opener is our standard duty, high geared ram with an average cycle time of under 10 seconds. This gate automation features our unique twist style manual release system. Simply twist the gate opener ram 90 degrees and use the gate as if it were without the automation. As seen in this pic, the solar panel can be placed away from the gate up to 50 meters from the gate. The gate and solar gate opener was supplied and installed by us! This solar gate opener kit is perfect for a stay in your car convenience. This set up also features our waterproof keypad access kit for another way to operate the electric gate. Like all of our automatic electric gate openers, the kit is completely stand alone requiring only sun a few hours a day to operate!

A big thank you to our customer for their business and support with this installation.