Solar Single Swing Electric Gate Opener Kit Installation, Heavy Duty

This installation has our Solar Single Swing Electric Gate Opener Kit with the heavy duty ram. This kit is presented on our buy online web store as the 1.6-4.2m Solar Single Swing Gate Opener Kit, Heavy Duty. This installation also has our keypad accessory along with our new side mounted electric gate lock. The automatic gate lock works in conjunction with the gate opener system by way of an electric solenoid. Once the automatic gate opener is activated, the solenoid disengages the lock and allowing the gate to open by the ram. Once the gate reaches its fully closed position, the lock reengages locking the gate shut. The lock also has a manual release similar to the solar electric gate opener kit. This heavy duty solar gate opener system trades off speed for power and hold factor. We always recommend the heavy duty electric gate opener for people with enclosed gates that catch the wind, heavy wind situations or a general piece of mind. We offer full installations to the South East Queensland area in such areas as Morayfield, Caboolture, Brisbane, North Lakes, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Noosa, Woodford, Kilcoy, Ipswich, Burpengary, Deception Bay and many more!

A big thank you to our customer Clare for her business and support with this installation!