Solar Pump Installation, SPBL20

Featured in this installation is our largest Solar Fountain Pump retro fitted to our customers existing water feature. This 3 tiered water feature required a pump with a 2.5 meter head height. Our Solar Pump has a max head pressure of 3.2 meters. The solar panel was fitted to their roof approx 10 meters away from the feature. This Solar Pond Pump features a battery back up with a flow rate adjuster to get just the right amount of water required. As a bonus this solar pump has a LED light ring displayed installed on the side of the pond to light the feature up at night. This solar fountain pump can be used to replace an existing 240 volt water pump or can be used as a stand alone fountain display. There are many uses for this type of solar fountain pump. This solar pump is rated for fresh water, salt water and chlorine water. Like all of our solar products, this solar powered pump is completely stand alone requiring now 240 volt power to operate.

A big thank you to our customer for their business and support for this installation!