Solar Gate Opener for Double Swing Gate Installed

These large outward swing gates require our medium heavy duty solar gate opener kit. The automatic gate opener heavy duty kit has a lower geared drive shaft giving this opener more power but a sightly slower operating speed. This solar gate automation features a sully stainless steel design with the highest weatherproofing on the Australian market with an IP rating of IP66. Our Solar Gate Openers also run on 24 volt which means more power, speed and cycles between charges. The heavy duty gate opener kit shown in this pic features a simple lift off manual release system as apposed to the twist style manual release featured in our standard duty models. Our Solar Electric Gate Opener kits feature one of the fastest gate openers in Australia. Our standard duty Swing Gate Opener Kits have a low 7-10 second cycle time depending on the weight and set up measurements. We ship kits Australia wide and buy online through our online store!