Solar Double Swing Gate Opener Kit, Heavy Duty Rams, Outward Swing

This gate has our medium sized heavy duty Solar Gate Opener Kit Installed by us! These powder coated slat gates require the heavy duty rams due to the wind factor that would act upon the gates. Due to the slope of the land, it has been configured for an outward swing configuration. The heavy duty automatic gate opener shown is lower geared than the standard duty rams making them much more powerful but with a cost of speed. This gate automation has an average cycle time of 10-14 seconds for fully open where as the standard duty high geared solar gate openers have a faster cycle time of approx 7-9 seconds. Both gate openers have a manual release to disengage the system should you wish to do so. This solar electric gate opener is completely stand alone requiring no external power to operate. The internal batteries will keep the system operational without sun for up to 3-5 days based on average use and no accessories installed. This solar electric gate opener is simple DIY and is available online for purchase from our online store on our website.

A big thank you to our customer for their support and business with this installation!