Solar Double Gate Opener Kit, Large Rams installed

This installation features our largest, high geared Solar Gate Opener. This customer was in the process of concreting the driveway so we held off on the gate stops for now and will be installed later. This automatic gate opener kit is designed to open the gate to 110 degrees from the closed position. The cycle time to get to this angle is approx 7-10 seconds depending on the weight and geometry set up on the ram.

The solar panel has been placed away from the gate for better sun exposure and security of the panel. This panel can be placed safely up to 50 meters of cabling away from the gate for either of these reasons. The solar panel needs a minimum of 4 hours of unobstructed sun per day to keep the system consistently operational. The internal batteries will keep the automatic gate opener operational between 3-5 days with average use before the sun will need to charge the batteries. As with all our solar gate opener kits, this system is completely stand alone requiring no 240 volt connection at all!

A big thank you to our customer Luke for his business and support!