Solar Double Electric Gate Opener Kit Installed

In this installation the Solar Double Swing Electric Gate Opener Kit installed 2.5 years ago had to be moved from their previous gate to their new gate as shown. This Automatic Gate Opener features the medium rams from 1.6-2.5m gates. This set up also has the gate lock installed along with a flashing warning light to let the customer know the gate operation is in progress in low light conditions. This is especially useful if the gate can not be seen from your house at night and you need some sort of signaling device that the electric gate openers are in use. This setup is also rigged for an outward swing configuration. As you can see, the electric gate opener rams can be mounted on the inside of the property and push the gates out. Along with all our solar electric gate opener products, this system is completely stand alone requiring no 240v connection to operate.

A big thank you to our loyal customer Eryc for his return business and support.