Soalr Sliding Gate Opener Kit Installed

This installation uses our Solar Sliding Automatic Gate Opener Kit was used. This solar gate automation kit is completely stand alone and can operate gates up to 20 meters long and up to 800 kg heavy! Our solar electric gate opener comes with everything you need to get your sliding gate on remote control including the solar panel, 2 back up batteries and of course the commercial grade sliding gate opener. The kit however does not include the running gear the gate slides on ie. the wheels. These are sold separately. Our electric gate opener also features safety sensors integrated as part of the motor so that if an object makes contact with the gate or the automation, the automatic gate opener then reverses to clear the way. This electric gate opener does not require any external power to operate. If you have the sun, you have power.

A big thank you to our customer for their support and business with this installation!