Sliding Solar Gate Opener Kit Installed

In this installation we supplied and installed our Sliding Solar Gate Opener Kit with a Single Solar Panel configuration. This steel frame gate with wood paling has made the gate quite heavy along with a slight slope on the driveway. Our Solar Gate Automation can support gates up to 800 kg heavy on level surface which is plenty of power for this type of set up. This automatic gate opener comes standard with 2 remotes for access but is expandable to 50 per system along with a range of accessory options eg. keypad, push button kits, long range remotes, etc. Our Sliding Solar Gate Opener comes in two models, the standard kit and the commercial kit. Both use the same motor, drive rails and batteries, but the commercial solar sliding gate opener kit comes with 2 solar panels instead of just one. This enables faster recharge of the reserve batteries and a decreased drain.

A big thank you to our customer for her support and business with this installation. Enjoy!