Sliding Solar Gate Opener Kit Installed

This is a great example of how the sliding solar gate opener looks when it is installed on a standard 3.5 meter sliding gate. As you can see there is a large tree above the solar panel which was removed shortly after the installation by the owner. The solar automatic gate opener requires a minimum of 4 hours of unobstructed sunlight per day to keep the reserve batteries charged. The solar gate automation has a high weather proof rating of IP57 which is semi flood resistant. A manual release comes standard with every solar gate opener kit we offer. This a is a key activated system to prevent unauthorised access. This solar electric gate opener is completely stand alone requiring no other external power to operate. The Electric gate automation comes with 2 remotes as standard and is expandable up to 50 should you want more. Both the solar automatic gate opener and accessories are available for online purchase from our online store.