Double Solar Gate Opener Installed with Lower geared rams

This installation was completed with our new DT rams. These rams are lower geared and have a higher hold factor than the Medium EM rams. Although since the rams are lower geared and more powerful, the trade off is speed. The manual release is a little different but just as easy on these rams as well, requiring the user to lift off the ram arm. These lower geared Automatic Gate Opener are a good solution to people living in high wind areas, a heavier than normal gate or an enclosed gate. ie. Colour bond, wood palings, etc. As always, this system is a fully stand alone Solar Powered Gate Opener, requiring no 240v power. This customer is going to lay bricks on the driveway, so a temporary gate stop has been used until that has been completed.


A big thank you to our customer Cameron for his support and business for this installation!