Solar Powered Whirly Birds Now Available!

Solar Powered Electric Gate Openers is proud to introduce Solar Powered Whirly Birds! These new whirly birds use solar to power a high output brushless electric motor to fan force the heat out of your roof. By using this fan forced method, the solar whirly bird has an air flow of 1150 CFM which is equivalent to 11 conventional whirly birds! The unit uses thermostat regulation which automatically turns the unit off if the temperature drops below 25C. This feature is especially useful in winter when keeping heat inside the roof a priority.


This system is designed to replace your existing whirly bird or to install separately from scratch. Save energy and money. The Solar Powered Whirly Bird removes the excess heat from your roof. This means there is less heat penetrate into the rooms below keeping your air-conditioner from working overtime, which can result in savings of up to 30% on home cooling costs.


Solar Powered Whirly Birds are available online through our website or place an order on the phone at 0408 627 434